Servier, 8th European investor in the pharmaceutical sector


Brussels, 15 December 2014: The European Commission has just published the 2014 edition of its European Union (EU) Industrial Research and Development (R&D) Investment Scoreboard. This report ranks and analyses the main economic indicators of the world’s top 2500 companies accounting for approximately 90% of total company R&D expenditure worldwide, as well as of the top 1000 R&D investors based in the EU. It measures the total value of their investments, financed by their own funds, irrespective of where their R&D activities take place.

Out of the largest sums invested in R&D, Servier is ranked 8th European investor in the pharmaceutical sector with 895 million euros invested, i.e. 21.4% of its consolidated Group turnover (innovative medicines and generic drugs). Irrespective of the sector, Servier is the 8th French investor in R&D and the 38th European investor.

This ranking positions Servier as a major investor in R&D at the European and world levels, and as a key actor of innovation in the pharmaceutical sector. The company annually invests more than 25% of its innovative medicines  turnover (27.8% in 2013) in the research and development of further therapeutic innovations  in cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological, psychiatric, bone and joint diseases as well as cancer. This investment enables Servier to currently carry out clinical research  with 17 innovative new molecular entities.

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About Servier

Servier is an independent French pharmaceutical research company. Its development is based on the continuous pursuit of innovation in the therapeutic areas of cardiovascular-, metabolic-, neurologic-, psychiatric-, bone- and joint diseases as well as cancer.

In 2013, the company recorded a turnover of 4.2 billion euros.

91% of Servier drugs are consumed outside of France.

27% of turnover from Servier drugs were reinvested in Research and Development in 2013.

With a strong international presence in 140 countries, Servier employs more than 21 000 people worldwide.


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