Servier launches Pill Pro, the only pill reminder that can be used by all patients, even the oldest ones


Suresnes, France, 5th May 2014 – Servier announces the launch of Pill Pro, a mobile application to foster patient empowerment

Therapeutic compliance-which means for patients the extent to which they follow their medical prescription-is a key success factor in their medical therapy. The role of the pharmaceutical industry is not limited to research, development, and production of drugs. Its responsibility extends to make sure that drugs are delivered and used under the best conditions by patients so that they may fully benefit from its efficacy.

Servier has just announced the release for all patients of a digital pill reminder to help them to empower themselves.

Olivier Gryson, head of the Digital Communication Division at Servier said: “many such mobile applications already exist, but they are often difficult to use. Elderly patients, who are those most likely to be prescribed multiple drugs, find digital technologies difficult to use. Special care must therefore be given to making the interface more user-friendly for these patients.

Our objective was to give a simple answer to an obvious need. With Pill Pro, we wanted to create an app that would help all patients, even the oldest, to follow their medical prescription.

Pill Pro is available free of charge in more than 10 languages, for Apple and Android smartphones.