Fondamental-Servier Grants for 2011


In partnership with the Servier Research Group, the FondaMental Foundation will award fellowships to qualified individuals at the doctoral and postdoctoral level to pursue full-time research training in scientific research projects in ongoing mental health areas supported by the Foundation.

Candidates and applications
This call for application is targeted to:
· young research scientists, including physicians, biologists or psychologists,
· asking for qualification for a PhD thesis or a postdoctoral position,
· and hosted by a team within the FondaMental Foundation Network or by a team collaborating in this specific project, either in France or abroad.
· the scientific supervisor of the candidate must be member of a team which is affiliated to the FondaMental Foundation Network before December 31st 2010.

The application must be written in English.
Applicants should pay particular attention to the description of methodology, to allow evaluators to assess relevance, statistical power and feasibility of the project.

Areas of research
The research project must relate to one of FondaMental Foundation’s target disorders:
· bipolar disorder
· schizophrenia
· high-functioning autism (Asperger Syndrome)
· suicidal behavior
· treatment-resistant depression
· refractory obsessive–compulsive disorder,
and must be developed in one of the following research areas
· Etiology and Physiopathology (mechanisms, biomarkers, risk factors...)
· Epidemiology et cost studies
· Clinic and therapeutic Innovations (diagnostic tools, medical devices…)

After compliance and eligibility checking by the FondaMental Research Committee, the dossiers will be firstly assessed by the international Scientific Advisory Board of the Foundation. Then a Scientific Selection Committee composed by representatives of the FondaMental Foundation and the Servier Research Group will prioritize the projects on the basis of the evaluation by the Scientific Advisory Board and of the following key criteria:
· scientific and innovative value
· quality of candidate supervision
· technical feasibility of the project
Finally, based on all evaluations and comments, the Steering Committee of the Foundation will decide the allocation of the grants.

Up to five 1-year grants will be awarded, renewable for one further year. Funding will be allocated as a 1-year fixed duration employment contract and cannot be combined with any other funding.
The fellowships provides an annual stipend of around 29000 euros and 33000 euros for a PhD and a Post-doc respectively.
As stated in the FondaMental Foundation’s rules and regulations, the FondaMental Foundation requests to be mentioned in the affiliation of the publications that it has funded.

Monitoring and progress evaluation
A mentor will be designated within the FondaMental Research committee for each awardee. A reporting point at 6 and 12 months to check progress and to review performance will be established by the mentor. Results will be presented by the applicant at the FondaMental annual symposium. 

Application forms can be downloaded by clicking here 

Deadline for application: May 5, 2011